CrossFit Voyage – CrossFit

Deadlift (100+%)

Take 20 minutes to etablish a new 1RM Deadlift.

Metcon (Time)

Using one barbell, determine your load and accumulate the specified weight for each lift.


7,000lbs in Deadlift

5,000lbs in Clean

3,000lbs in Shoulder to Overhead


5,000lbs in Deadlift

3,000lbs in Clean

2,000lbs in Shoulder to Overhead

For Example:

Johnny J Jonathonson knows he can deadlift 225lbs comfortably several times. He uses this formula to determine his deadlift load.

7,000/225= 31 reps

Using this formula, determine what load you will move comfortably while keeping your reps relatively low and keeping in mind you may change the weight for each lift.