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New to Crossfit?

Free Orientation 

This is for anyone interested in CrossFit, but has never actually participated in CrossFit.  This is the time to learn what CrossFit is, what we do, and how we can help YOU!  Everyone is unique. We all have different backgrounds, starting points and goals for the future. To ensure CrossFit Voyage can best cater to your needs, we spend the time to get to know you and map out a plan to achieve your goals. From there, you can enter into the Fundamentals class and get to know more about CrossFit.  After you have completed fundamentals, you can start a membership with us and join our classes.

Classes are every Saturday at 11:30 am.

3 Session Unlimited CrossFit $60

At CrossFit Voyage, your safety is paramount. The 3 session fundamentals class teaches you the basic movements of CrossFit and covers the fundamentals of CrossFit methodology. The goal after this course is for you to be a well-rounded CrossFitter and to be able to walk into a CrossFit facility anywhere in the world and understand the workouts, terminology, and fundamental movements. Any missed sessions will be rescheduled before entering a regular CrossFit class.

Classes are held on Mondays from 6:30-8 pm, Wednesdays from 6:30-8 pm, and Saturdays from 10-11:30 am.

*Coach/Staff may add days to Fundamentals if they feel more instruction is needed before entering regular CrossFit classes.

Learn the Fundamental Movements


Already Familiar With Crossfit?

Free Trial Class

We offer a Free Trial Class if you are a CrossFit athlete and “shopping” for a new box to join.  Come in for a FREE class and see if Voyage is the right CrossFit community for you!  This is like a drop in, but without the fee because we know how hard it is to decide which CrossFit box is right for you when you’re looking to join a new one.

Pre-requisite for a FREE trial class is that you must already be a CrossFit athlete.  If you are not a CrossFit athlete and are interested in starting CrossFit and want to learn more then you will want to sign up for our FREE orientation class on Saturday mornings.

Become a Member

Develop to your highest athletic potential without losing sight of wellness and longevity. CrossFit Voyage training utilizes deliberate and comprehensive programming focused on exceptional movement quality, high level of skill acquisition, and progressive aerobic and strength development. A high bias toward fostering an understanding of weightlifting development, gymnastics progression, and functional movement builds robust client athletes. CrossFit Voyage athletes take their training seriously, working to maximize their potential inside and outside the gym. If your goal is to be the fittest, healthiest, strongest version of yourself, this is for you.

Prerequisite: Movement Screen / Foundations

CrossFit Teens


Our Teens class is held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The class times vary depending on the day and season.

This class is for ages 13-17 and introduces teens to the correct foundation movements and will begin teaching some different lifts, starting with a PVC bar and moving up in weight slowly based on how well they perform the movement. We have several different levels of athlete in the teens class and we will scale their workouts accordingly to help teach them the proper movement and also prevent injury.

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids
AGES 5-12  |  Monday – Thursday

Our kids class is held on Monday – Thursday. The days and times vary depending on the day and season.

It is for ages 5-12. This class will introduce kids to some of the foundational movements of CrossFit in a fun environment. They will not only learn some of the movements like squats, presses, and burpees, they will also learn a little about nutrition and other things. Weights will be used in this class, but will be scaled to fit each child and their ability to move the weights properly and safely.