CrossFit Voyage – CrossFit

Max Tire Flips (AMRAP – Reps)

See how many tire flips you can get in 60 seconds

Row Technique (No Measure)

Catch – Drive – Finish – Recover

Legs only x10-15 – start in catch position (sit up straight, shins vertical to the ground, press into the pedal and drive hips and shoulders back keeping shoulders in front of hips)

Legs then hips x10-15 – same as legs only, but now lay back

Legs, hips and finish x10-15 – for the finish don’t “stick” at the chest, bring handle to 1/4″ from chest and quick return so handle is past knees, shoulders back in front of hips before knee bend

Full stroke x10-15 – everything above, but now bend knees AFTER handle passes knees

Power is NOT coming from the pull. It comes from the PRESS into the foot pedal. Rowing is not pulling, but pressing into the pedal. The arms are along for the ride.

John Michael (Time)

25 DU

25 DL #225/155

25 wall balls #20/14

250 m row

25 wall balls

25 DL

25 DU