Heather Franklin


Heather is a proud mother of three, a Parent Educator for a Parents as Teachers Program, and a passion to help others.  Prior to CrossFit, her main focus of fitness was cardio workouts (bootcamps and running), but she was not seeing the results she wanted.  So began her journey to achieve overall fitness.  After much hesitation, she started CrossFit in July 2015 where she has not only built greater physical strength, but has gained emotional and mental strength.  The overall strength she’s gained from CrossFit serves as a driving force in all aspects of navigating successfully through the challenges life brings.  CrossFit has provided Heather with a community of people that are irreplaceable; an extended family that supports her in and out of the gym.  Heather decided to take her Level 1 trainer course to gain more knowledge, but quickly realized coaching was something she wanted to pursue.  As a coach, she hopes to provide athletes with a source of support and guidance, to walk with them side by side on their journey.  A journey begins with a single step, and the beauty of the CrossFit journey is that you are never alone!


CrossFit Level 1 trainer cert, (2017)

CrossFit Kids cert, (2017)

CrossFit Gymnastics cert, (2017)