Korinne Hoh


Korinne has played sports her whole childhood, softball in particular for years.  Korinne is a proud wife and mother of three.  She is in school for Exercise Science.  She was introduced to CrossFit when her husband kept coming home from the gym talking about these girls named Fran or Annie and how he was doing all these lifts. She was in a rut with her current gym routines so she decided to try it. Her husband took her to open gym and had her doing wall balls, deadlifts and running in the dead of winter in the snow. She has been doing it ever since, five years and counting.  Korinne was asked in 2013 by another coach if she would take the certification because she thought she would be a great coach. At the time she was living in Japan and there were coaches constantly coming and going with new military assignments. Once she started coaching, it sparked such a drive and compassion in her from seeing athletes change.  Her biggest accomplishment was traveling to the 2014 Asia Crossfit Regionals with her husband as a teammate to compete on a team from Crossfit Misawa and placing 5th in Asia. It took a year of training, putting off their third child and lots of sweat and tears and she was the only Mom on the team, but it was a great accomplishment.  Her passion is Olympic Lifting.  But the greatest feeling with coaching is coaching classes over months and watching athletes that sit quietly in the back, break out of their shell, gain self confidence and realize how incredibly strong and talented they are. She is the coach that’s jumping up and down screaming when someone hits that well earned PR or competes in their first competition.

CrossFit Level 1 cert, (2013)

NFPT Level 1 Personal Trainer

Donny Shankle Olympic Weightlifting Seminar